DC Blogs Noted

Gallaudet right now is a de facto war zone, writes Allison Kaftan of the emotional and physical toll of the ongoing protests at this university, in a heartfelt post titled: I Want My Life Back at DeafDC.

I see fatigue in my husband’s eyes when we first wake in the morning, instead of saying “Good morning,” asking each other, “Any news? Updates?” And when we fall asleep, in lieu of “Sweet dreams,” saying “Let’s hope nothing too crazy happens overnight.”

Others writing about Gallaudet: The Indefensible Position by Son of Clown Ops. Frozen Tropics has posted a list of news links about the protest. Protest as Art, Activity No. 8 by Belle femme. A Personal Appeal to Step Back by Bibliomarket.

Applies for writer-editor job at the Library of Congress and finally learns the fate of her application.  EJ Takes Life.

As JD at Near Southeast points out, the Crime Map by the DC government is getting a lot of attention and for good reason. DC’s government is surprisingly progressive in its use of RSS feeds and mapping technology. As this capability grows it may enable residents to look with a fresh eye at patterns and trends and develop new ideas and perspectives for tackling city problems. Proof of what’s possible can be found at Near Southeast, which has started making use of the District’s RSS feeds to create a neighborhood specific information source.

The Nevin Kelly Gallery has started a blog that will be written by Julia Morelli, deputy director of the gallery and Nevin Kelly, owner and gallery director. Excerpt: The blog is a great strategy for letting our friends and clients know about news and goings-on at the gallery in a more timely manner than monthly website updates and emails.

It’s definitely a buyer’s market, writes Urban Treker.