DC Blogs Noted

Mr. and Mrs. Conservative Futurist won top prize for this Halloween work. Also, at another party, Kristina at My DCed Life describes the costumes at a political Halloween party, including a guy “wrapped up in a the tape of an audio cassette.”

Things I Hate hates attitude and says there is plenty of it in DC’s restaurants.

Restaurant review: Sushi Taro, 17 and P. Excerpt: As we made our way back to the table the restaurants personality began to emerge, making it obvious why it has become a neighborhood hotspot. You first noticed the army of chefs behind what appears to be the never ending sushi bar, which runs almost the entire length of the restaurant. From My Head Half Empty

Ward3DC, which offers ongoing news and commentary about the happenings in the NW, has been reporting on this area since July.

The Dumping Ground writes about the fate of a person who demonstrated how easy it is to make fake boarding passes.

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