DC Blogs Noted

The blogger at My Life as an Alien in modern-day USA was in DC from Australia to complete her studies. And over the last year, E warmed the hearts of many with her stories of life here. She also embraced DC’s little blogging world, attending happy hours, making many friends attracted to her charm, wit, intelligence and zest for adventure. E plans to continue blogging and will remain a big part of this blogging community. In her last post before boarding the plane for the long, long flight home, she included a video with a message to her readers. Best to her. 

When rottweilers attack pitbulls. This particular post is pulse-pounding report of what happens when her “silly little monkey of a dog,” who is also a pitbull, is attacked by rottweiler whose owner had her off the leash.

Ah, very strong reaction to people dressed up as Chipotle burritos at Two-Timing the Cosmos. Excerpt: Have we really come to this? Did the terrorists win and I just haven’t heard about it yet?

Being “Asian” in Seattle and Metro-DC, a link to a Seattle Times op-ed that’s worth the read.  At DPRK Studies.

Silver Spring, Singular has photo of a condo pumpkin, but also check out the link to the Silver Bee real estate blog about haunted houses.  The Silver Bee appears to be a new blog.