DC Blogs Noted

The first snow arrived in Scandinavia yesterday, writes DC, Baby, who is here from Scandinavia to study. But in DC, at least until last night, it’s been warm.

Ok, My point is this: Kind of missing Scandinavia. The weather difference was so stark yesterday it made me miss Scandinavia. Snow rocks.

DC is wearing me out, writes Golden Silence, who sums up the toll extracted by this city.  It’s unlike Santa Fe she writes: The whole week I was there, not one person called me “Hey, shorty” or “Hey, sexy”… but I did have encounters with stupid men. But these were laughable moments.

Found in storage: Jungle boots still with mud from you-know-where caked on the soles, writes DC Soothsayer.

Regarding CNN’s election night blogathon at Tryst. Boztopia at Total Information Awareness suggest that DC bloggers crash it. Like the spirit of that suggestion. But if CNN ever holds a dating blogathon well, then, DC bloggers will fill Tryst with people who can write far more interesting things. 

A piece written from the perspective of his 4-year-old son on the changes in the house following his dad’s unemployment. At the group blog, thisisby.us

When Gangbangers Get Old. Men behaving badly with canes at The Luck of 13th Street.