DC Blogs Noted

El Guapo’s DC home is broken into and everything from electronics to shirts are stolen.  In “an open letter to the thieves who broke into my house,” El Guapo lists his losses, which do not include his dry wit.

The 80s Have Returned for Our Souls, writes Nutgraf, about the return of leg warmers. 

After living in DC for two decades, Matt at Media Concepts is leaving and makes a list of the things he will miss about DC. Among them: People wearing ID badges and talking policy in the bars.

People watching in DC is fantastically gratifying, according to the blogger at In Search of Dudie Too …, an international traveler who recently returned to DC. She writes:

In a ten minute time period I watched a man in a bike helmet decked out from head to toe in silver spandex have a loud argument with himself, two well dressed women walking their well dressed poodle who was decked out in a purple sweater and doggie hat, two women about my age chasing each other through the coffee shop with plastic duck beaks – quacking like ducks (I am not kidding!), two happy gay couples strolling along hand in hand, and the nuclear family complete with the dog and the 2.5 kids …

The frustration of shopping at Ikea at On Rush Hour in DC.

After seeing a Lionel Richie concert, Laurie resolves: I will not date or God forbid commit to any man who cannot sing “Just to Be Close to You” to me and at least pretend to enjoy it. Laurie Writes.

A photo of Milk Dud Cereal. A tasty looking combination of candy and frosty mini-wheats for those who like to overdose on sugar in the morning.  Pygmalion In A Blanket.