DC Blogs Noted


A car and a woman curled up is the title of a post about an accident on U Street involving a vehicle and pedestrian. An excerpt from the post by 007 in Africa:

I am close enough to see the shock on her face as she realizes she’s going to be hit by our slow but sharply swinging vehicle. I extend a hand in her direction, as if pushing her back from harm, and yell “careful!” to my driver. Her body curls against the front of the bumper and she falls to the ground.

Lost lunch.  Joe, at Dumb Things I Have Done Lately, didn’t take the sandwich out of the workplace fridge, but he did snap a picture of the angry sign left by the lunchless victim.

An exhaustively detailed list about what DCVita is looking for in a man. There’s also advice on how to keep her. At Good Grief: Single in DCity.

For more general information on dating, KAC will be hosting a chat “Dating in DC” at WaPo.

Wine recommendation when helping a friend who has been laid off. Cellarblog.

Thanks to the election, City Mouse can now roar like a lion.

Smash is a law school smash. Secret Simmerings and Shameful Scandals of the Singular Smash writes about My First Law School Answer.

Kay Bailey will exhibit some of her work Nov. 12 the Fiberworks gallery at the Torpedo Factory.  She blogs about her show schedule and work at Fiber of Her Being Schedule & Events.

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