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It’s not easy being a woman sometimes, writes Capitol Hill Barbie, a snappy writer who keeps her eye on beauty, fashion and life in DC.  An excerpt:

Men can roll out of bed, put on a blue button down and a pair of khakis and people think they are the second coming of John Kennedy. But for women, there is a thin line between wanting to look good and wanting to be taken seriously

This intriguing post by City Sparkle raises an issue that may be true for many others as well. It starts:

I’ve come to realize I have an unfortunate addiction. No, it’s not an item, food, or even men or sex. It’s worse. I’m addicted to advice.

Dreams return things to us unasked, writes Cuff at Countersignature, about haunting memories. Reya recommended this exceptional post.

Matt is driving across the U.S. and recording his observations. He discovers that in North Carolina people still dress preppy. Really preppy. Polo pink and green 1980’s Reagan era preppy. His encounters included being propositioned at a rest stop. Media Concepts.

The art and possibility of cussing, at And I Am Not Lying, for Real. Excerpt:

Cussing in general, I support wholeheartedly. I was always told as a kid that articulate people don’t use profanity to express themselves because they can think of other, better ways. As a grown professional writer, I can tell you that’s bullshit.

Photos of the beautiful trees in DupontJanet’s lj presence

In her Netflix queue. Angry Pregnant Lawyer’s recommendations. 

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