DC Blogs Noted

Brunch Bird is saved twice yesterday, once by a stranger and the second time by her significant other. An outstanding post. (Nod to Scott for the recommendation)

What Metro doesn’t want you to know. If you don’t have SmartTrip and are parked at a Metro station afterhours, you will need a way out. Here’s the way. Blonde Pony Tail.

Random patient encounters at The Cords of Billroth.  Excerpt:  … Proceeds to tell me that she likes to “smoke cigarettes and drink coffee all day long.” “In fact,” she tells me, “I told my pastor the other day that I’d rather smoke cigarettes and drink coffee than have sex. When I stop smoking and drinking coffee, you’ll know I’m having sex again.

Bond is a Double 00 alright.  A pre-review of the new Bond movie by Washington Cube.

Office rant about his giggling, infectious, drunk dialing office pals. Temple of the Code Monkey.

Regarding the recent shooting and wounding of four people at 19th and M Streets NE, reports at Frozen Tropics and Stop, Blog and Roll.