DC Blogs Noted

Television in a hospital room can comfort a patient and family but distract a medical team, writes Wyatt, a medical resident, who chronicles his professional and personal challenges at Foggy Bottom Lantern.   Those challenges can include ignoring a TV. An excerpt: 

Where the television can really become a problem, though, is when there is an item of intense interest to the medical team on the T.V. Instead of paying attention to the patient, team members will steal glances up at the screen, straining their peripheral vision in an effort to discreetly absorb as much information as possible …

The writer at Misadventures in DC says he has always been ambivalent about this city. But after a visit to London, his perspective about DC changes.

The waiter delivered more than change. Radical Flower.

After a car demolishes the front of a DC row house, The Home Improvement Ninja realizes that he may have to boost his fortifications to protect himself from SUV driving yuppies.

Urban Trekker has been running an informative series on lower cost housing options, below $400,000.  Her latest installment covers DC and Fairfax County.

DC Cookie trading card. Clever.

New look, new name: Confessions of a Cube Dancer.  Very attractive.