DC Blogs Noted

Lonnie Bruner writes about his close encounter with a turkey, not the gobble-gobble kind, but one with a “death chirp” that came very close to taking a piece of his hide. Literally. Photos and very short video of this fearless turkey giving chase while the blogger drives to safety. 

A long time blogger, Nicolasix, decides to let his mother read his blog. This act results in a post that offers as good of an argument for blogging as you are likely to read.   (Thanks to Sweet of Sour ‘n Sweet for this recommendation) An excerpt:

But the more I’ve done this – shared things with the Internets – the more comfortable it has become – the more natural the voice sounds to me. And so, by extension, the easier it has become to include various members of my family in the content.

DC’s Legal Beagle has been blogging since June 2004 and doesn’t post all that often, but when she does, they’re often well worth the read. Here are two recent gems:  My Creamed Spinach Is Better Than The Palm’s, but especially read the very amusing, You Know You’ve Lived In DC Too Long When…

Speed dating in name only. After 2.5 hours, Carrie calls its quits. The full report at A Total Waste of Makeup.

Fox News is recovering from the sorry fate of its patron party, the GOP, by returning to a happier chapter in its life, the O.J. Simpson case.  Rants and Ramblings has some quick points and links.

Getting over a love can be difficult because more than two people are involved, writes Aileen at Infinite Connections.  Excerpt: When I’m in love with a man (which has happened three times in my life), my longing for a baby becomes very strong. I can’t help but think about what our child would look like, sound like, act like. I can even see a vision of father/baby together.

Confessions of a Cartographer is moving to Savannah, but will miss a number of restaurants in the DC area. Good recommendations for those in search of weekend ideas.