DC Blogs Noted

There will be a crucial vote on the fate of the downtown Martin Luther King library this week. At stake is whether to keep the library in its present building, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or build a new facility at the site of the former convention center. Something needs to be done with this building. The interior is hostile, cold and disorganized. The stairwells — which must be used more often than not because the elevators are broken or incredibly slow — are a rat maze. The interior design was an afterthought. If preserving this building means keeping it as is, then the city will do better starting from scratch. As The Goodspeed Update points out, the future of the library is a complex tangle of disparate issues. His informative post is a guide to some of them.

In the Gutter compares her marriage with the TomKat marriage and finds many similarities.

Post Secret, the incredible work of DC area resident Frank Warren, needs help. Church of the Big Sky urges readers to support the site as well and writes: Frank Warren of PostSecret is calling on folks for support – buy one of his PostSecret books to keep the website free of advertising.

DC Girl at The Movies reviews the latest James Bond flick. It starts: He still looks like Steve McQueen’s ugly cousin, but I gotta say the man is a great Bond. Daniel Craig killed it…I mean that in the positive slangified way.

The gratuitous hair post by a new DC blogger, A g-woman’s musings.