DC Blogs Noted

Circle V is attacked and robbed in Las Vegas and is left with two black eyes and a swollen jaw.  She writes about the experience: I’m not sure how long it will take for the emotions to fade, but what happened in Vegas certainly did not stay in Vegas.

An almost perfect encounter with the cute neighborhood boy with dog. I’m not a girl, not yet a wino.

Single bloggers are better bloggers, writes Good at Drinking, Bad at Life, who knows from experience, and writes: a woman ruined my blog.

Who makes the better pecan bars crust? DC Food Blog compares recipes from the Gourmet Cookbook and Barefoot Contessa.

City Desk notes that Zippy the Pinhead recently featured Ben’s Chili Bowl.

For those driving on I-95 North: Delaware is acting like the bratty child we always knew it was. Two northbound lanes are closed for construction. From Time I’ll Never Get Back

Site Note for Blogger Beta live feed users. Some people who upgrade to the Blogger Beta are finding that their post appears four hours down in the feed.

To fix that, and ensure that your blog appears at or near the top of the feed when you publish, go to Blogger’s Settings and change the Time Zone to [UTC+00:00] Greenwich Meantime. Once that change is made, republish your blog. This time zone change will compensate for the time posting problem and when you publish a new post it should appear at or near the top of the feed. That’s all you need to do.

This next part is optional, but you may want to change the time stamp in Settings as well to just show date, for instance, Tuesday, November 21 2006. You don’t have to do this, but at the bottom of your post you will see “Post Options. Just before you publish put in the current time. So if its 12:30 p.m. put that in. Your post, when it appears on the feed, should show the time you select.

We are working on a fix that will automatically correct for the time zone issue we’ve been having with the Blogger Beta, but I don’t know when that work will be completed. In the meantime, a simple adjustment of the time zone will solve this problem and your blog should appear on top of the feed when you post.  

Unless you have a compelling reason to upgrade, you’re probably better holding off on an upgrade until Blogger is finished. If the Blogger is working for you as it is, then avoid the change instead of helping Blogger find its beta bugs. 

 Photo: Apples at Eastern Market