DC Blogs Noted


DC is in a transitional swirl, awash in resumes and apartment vacancies.  It’s a town of people seeking advantage or escape, all of it in the murky subterranean depths rather than out in the open, writes Reya of Grace’s Poppies, who is one of DC’s most astute observers.  An excerpt:

Part of the problem has to do with the landscape, at least that’s my theory. When everything is up for grabs, the first thing people want to do is get themselves steady and grounded, which is hard to do in a swamp. The foundational landscape of DC is goo.

The writer at I Am My Own Movie Star feels someone bump her and then hears a woman yelling “I can see you! Put that back!” A pickpocket is caught in the act and escapes with nothing, but this writer has turned out an emotionally charged and outstanding report about her experience.  An excerpt:

My hands start to shake as I begin to realize what just happened. My soda spills over onto my hands, I haven’t put a lid on it yet. Everyone is still standing and looking at me as I turn to grab a lid. The lid doesn’t fit my cup. This doesn’t make sense. I try another one. It still doesn’t fit. “Are you okay?” My favorite sandwich guy, John, has come over to me.

Childhood photos, with amusing photo captions, and the Thanksgiving menu at Quiet in the Stacks.

The cold sets off a car horn in the middle of the night. The police are called and its owner rousted out of bed. The owner of the offending vehicle offers A Mortified Apology to 12th & Clifton Residents. The Luck of 13th St.

A Bush 2008 bumpersticker at Minvan Confessions, Finding Blanche.

Construction company double entendre slogan of the week at I Am A Lefty.  Good catch.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy the holiday. We’ll be back after…