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The stolen purse Got Gauge Our writer is in DC for a party and returns to her car to discover a broken window and missing purse. After several 911 calls, the police arrive with advice …

… he [police officer] comes over to the car and starts telling the Husband that he really should not have parked in this spot or even in the District if he wasn’t willing to have something happen to the car. The Husband says, “there are no less than 6 people walking down this sidewalk right this very minute, there is a residential building to the right and a busy street to the left and TONS of meters. There is lighting. If it’s not safe, why isn’t it a no parking zone?”…

Me in 20 minutes Jaybeas Corpus The trials of law firm recruitment interviews at the Washington College of Law.

Overall, this part of the process seems arbitrary. Each firm is interviewing at least a dozen (probably closer to 20 or 25) students on campus, and these students got the interviews because of their resume (read: grades, law journal, and/or moot court). From there, I imagine it gets hard to tell us apart. It’s not like any of us are going to go in there and act like an ass. But then again, I also imagine we have certain personality traits we just can’t shake, and they’re on the lookout for those. I asked a couple of the interviewers what exactly they were looking for, since it seems so difficult to pick out a few individuals out of such a large group of good candidates, and they basically said they were just looking for someone who “fit.”

Metro Orbs Above Us Life Outtacontext Metro has installed security cameras on some of its trains, a fellow rider loudly announces.

Taking public transportation often provides its own entertainment. But unlike New York’s subway with its Latino-to-Classical music performances (to say nothing of its standup salesmen and vocalists on the ride uptown), DC’s Metro is pretty damn tame. … So, when, in between the second and third stops on my commute, a very large man stated loudly to all “Well, it’s about time they got cameras in the cars!” I was immediately shocked out of my early morning stupor.

The Itch Mishaps and Misanthropes This post is indeed about a mishap.

For those of you who live in parts of the world where there are forests or trees, this might not seem like a big deal to you, but to a city girl like me… I am horrified. I felt helpless, stupid and most importantly….itchy! I am still itchy to this day! And why do people not know how to solve this problem? Everyone has their own theories… Here is a conversation between two brothers trying to impart on me their ivy wisdom…

Come What May The Red Line In two months, the Red Line will leave DC and head to Ohio, and he’s been thinking what he will miss as well as look forward to. Here’s a partial list of things I’m looking forward to (the kickasses) and what I’ll miss (the lames) .. an excerpt from two:

Lame: Loss of identity. I grew acustomed to thinking of DC as my city. Now I’m from Ohio again. It also feels like failing, in a way. I left after high school, and that was supposed to be that. Kickass: Seeing my (immediate) family regularly. Though I imagine my status as favored child due to lack of contact and distance is going to fall off pretty quickly.