DC Blogs Noted

Busted at Work for Playing Minesweeper.  His training class distraction is put on display for all to see. Ar-Jew-Tino.

A loyal Ikea shopper lists:  The Top Five Reasons I Hate Ikea.  By Me, Myself and Eye.

Thanksgiving conflict averted:  Thankfully, most of the day was spent with short burst of uncomfortableness, writes Across the River, in a post titled: Pass the mashed potatoes and the moussaka.

A conversation with a sixty something man, gray beard, shaggy hair and full of denim, helps frame a history by Jason at Neighborhood, Metro, and Everything of the famous Unline Theater, known as the place where the Beatles played their first US concert.  An excerpt:

You know the cover of Dylan’s Greatest Hits Album? The one that’s all smokey blue? Taken at his show at the Uline. The place also held about 12,000 arrested war protestors during Vietnam, served as a hostile for soldiers passing through DC in WWII, a riot broke out here after a Temptations show. [Here’s link to a video that claims to be an excerpt from the Beatles 1964 DC concert.]

Tales of the lost.  Grad School Reject at The Friday Flare Up, writes about how she never looses things, just people. Meanwhile, Ah Bugger is losing things, specifically her keys, and her first thought is believing she is a crime victim.

My Father, The Redneck, is a portrait of a man who loves bass fishing and auto car racing by Barzelay.

Black Friday and Red Friday stories. Arrives at Best Buy at 4:30 a.m. on Black Friday in search of a digital camcorder. Keep up with Me. Red Friday or Buy Nothing Day at Minerva and the Muses.

Gallery Place Living takes note of an increasing number of blogs that write about the Shaw neighborhood. Among them: remaking le slum historique and Off Seventh – My Chronicles of Shaw.

Why is it that the only place the Catch Up Lady’s sees people drinking tomato juice is on an airplane? 

Lesson for the Day: A vegan who goes dumpster diving to get free food is a Freegan, writes Ecocabs.