DC Blogs Noted

Our first annual DCBlogs nasal roundup. Failed Southern Lady: The family tradition of declaring it Christmas as soon as coffee comes out of someone’s nose continues – and this year it’s earlier than ever! Life and Musings: I have a petite little nose…I don’t understand how it can hold so much snot. Lumpyhead: Baby’s First Booger.

A person who leads gay history tours in DC is also documenting the city’s gay history at Assembled Memories. A recent post looks at the history of gay bars and nightspots: Bars we have Loved

Flushing anxiety. I find myself sitting as still as a mouse for fear of triggering the electronic eye that initiates the flush, writes Looking to Live.

A new blogger, Tinker Bell in the City, writes of the life she left behind: the hick in me. 

Madam Mayo notes what appears to be an exceptional exhibit at the Corcoran about Joan of Arc. She writes: It’s a fascinating exhibit that features some truly extraordinary illustrations from the late 19th century. What arrested me, however, was the bronze statue after the marble by Princess Marie d’Orleans (1813-1839), an amateur sculptor who was the daughter of France’s King Louis-Philippe– and aunt of Carlota, Empress of Mexico. (Carlota’s mother was Princess Louise, daughter of King Louis-Philippe.)

Churreria Madrid in Adams Morgan gets a visit from the writer at Soy un Terrapin. An excerpt: It was a non-fancy small bar. Back in Spain I worked in a similar place, where half the clientele were old barflies. Encouraged by the Spanish ambient I asked for a hot chocolate with “churros”, and I prayed for getting the real thing and not an American hot cocoa instead. 

Karma will find you.  A follow-up to the workplace sandwich theft incident. Dumb Things I Have Done Lately