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New era for bike riders in DC?  A very interesting announcement posted at Life in Mount Vernon Square: You are invited to attend a public meeting on the design of the Union Station Bicycle Transit Center (aka the Bike Station) on Tuesday, December 12. The Bicycle Transit Center will provide bicycle parking, rentals, repairs and accessories in a new state-of-the-art building at the west end of Union Station. 

An overdose of turkey sleep chemicals doesn’t keep Sarcastic and Cynical from recommending an indispensible holiday gift you’ll need when you try to remove your new iPod from its packaging.

SWAT van remains parked at murder scene probably to deter retaliatory violence, writes DC Housing Bubble Blues:  Won’t those with “retaliatory violence” plans just wait until the van stops parking there?

A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm writes with outrage over the deteriorating conditions in Africa, the indifference here and frustrations that come with action. An excerpt:

How can we help, if we aren’t willing to help at home?  How many people go off to the Peace Corps to help people in foreign lands but do not even recognize the poverty, illiteracy and true, desperate, gaping need all around us? How can we help, if wherever we send our troops as a country we are received with a mix of hatred and disgust– but if we refrain from sending them in we are hailed as cowards of inaction?

Working as a medical resident means foregoing some basic human needs, such as sleep. But its absence energizes the writing at Foggy Bottom Lantern. An excerpt: 

… 04:30 is an hour inhabited naturally only by insomniacs, whose charged, restless minds mercilessly repel the sleep that their bodies so need and crave, and by new lovers, whose irrepressible affection for each other transcends the need for sleep, allowing them time to blissfully and tenderly dissect each other’s bodies in consummation of their nascent love.

New restaurants in the works reports City Paper City Desk, including Mio next spring in Thomas Circle.

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