DC Blogs Noted

Roosh V (formerly DC Bachelor) argues that our lives are governed more by random events, by statistical probabilities, than something that leads to a final purpose. He writes this after learning of the death of a 24-year-old-woman in an accident. This well written post, titled Not that Important, has drawn more than 60 comments.

DC Drinks is sponsoring an End-of-Prohibition party at Billy Martin’s Tavern Tuesday, Dec. 5. The party, according to DC Drinks, will continue to Dec. 6. It’s an ad hoc celebration. An excerpt: For teetotalers and prudes who don’t know, December 5th, 1933 was when the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) was repealed by the lovely 21st Amendment—ushering in freedom and stamping out gangsterism for a generation. It’s a juicy example of democracy in action and worth a proper celebration.

The Home Improvement Ninja spies a very VIP DC celeb, with the help of his date, which he won’t write about because, he notes, only chicks write dating blogs.  The celeb is Michael Chertoff, the person responsible for ensuring the US is protected from hurricanes, terrorists and bird flu. But the thing Chertoff was protecting the night he was spotted was his diet.  He sends back the French Fries, the Ninja reports. (Nod to Erika for this recommendation whom we believe is suffering from the bird flu, or something close to it, but had enough energy to graciously send a note about this post.)

On the subject of urgent care … DC Mr. Anthrope searches for medical care and gets a Catch-22 instead. 

Free Doughnuts! And Coffee! Reports Metrocurean. She writes: D.C.’s newest doughnut purveyor, Fractured Prune, will be giving away free coffee and doughnuts on Friday [today] from 4 to 8 p.m. (There’s also free Internet, but that part will stay free.)  Details at her site.

Another worker fatality on WMATA. A serious safety problem, writes live from the third rail. This makes the third worker fatality if just over a year.