DC Blogs Noted

A list of cold and perceptive realities by Lucky Spinster, such as: … that the most charming men are also usually the most dangerously fickle … (Nod to Erika)

A fantastic and unreal accounting about an experience in Target by Merujo of the Church of the Big Sky. Read this one. An excerpt:

“Did I move my fat ass fast enough for you?” I spoke sweetly, like a southern woman asking if she’d like another mint julep.

All software has bugs but the TSA’s airport screening database has more than its share of human and software bugs, reports this career Army officer, who seems to get tagged for extra screening. From A Silent Cacophony.

Home alone on the balcony and rescued by the DCFD, MR. T. in DC reports.

Big change: First Date DC — an often entertaining and perceptive blog that took the dedicated work of two of DC’s most popular and engaging bloggers, Roosh and Kathryn, is ending. An excerpt:

My final advice is for everyone still working on that one crush. I know it is fun to have a project, to work on that one guy or girl you really like. But it never fails that the more you really like them, the less chance you will get with them. Liking a person a lot before intimacy occurs is a good sign that they their value is considerably higher than yours. In other words, they can do better. It is not until I stopped valuing women that things fell into place for me.

A short but true story, as told by KOB to a third party.  It begins: KOB returns Sunday to his city after two weeks away.  After finding a fantastic parking space near his apartment on 24th Street near GW, KOB starts to unload his car. In between trips to his car, he does all the normal things: gets his mail, opens his jury summons, boots up his PC, sees what Netflix has sent, as well as make some calls. When that’s finished, he leaves his apartment and steps outside on his way for some adult beverages and immediately comes across a police scene. The police have blocked off part of 24th Street, between K and New Hampshire. Police dogs are barking, lights are flashing, and KOB,   sensing blog material, inquires. “There is a suspicious bag,” a police officer informs him, and says he’ll be “safer” if he walks on the other side of the street. Walking in that direction, KOB spots the bag, his bag, mostly filled with laundry, on the sidewalk. The bag he forgot to haul upstairs. He embarrassedly explains the situation to a DC police officer who is very gracious and said they suspected it was something like that all along … meanwhile, everybody is the building lobby is having a belly laugh …