DC Blogs Noted

If you are in need of some holiday downtime reading, The Happy Booker has assembled links to the ‘best of’ books lists.

This humorous headline says it all:  If a woman pees in the forest and no one sees her, does she make a sound? Okay, what if two people see her? Quite in the Stacks.

Good Grief: Single in DCity turns to online dating to satisfy a holiday desire. She writes:  For some odd reason, this time of year makes me crave a relationship like most women crave chocolate when they are PMSing. But usually, the craving kind of fades come January 2nd.

White House holiday cookies that can bite back. Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog.

Cops, deers and other near misses. Driving adventures at This is Me, Honest.

Fractured Prune donuts are sampled by Celeste Dawn Mitchell and dl004d, in blog form.

This fellow hangs upside down on a Metro train while being video taped. What’s interesting is the lack of reaction of Metro riders. Poofygoo has the You Tube link.

A Trip Within the Beltway is an interesting new arrival. Just one post so far, but a detailed history with photos of a plan called the 1959 Northwest Freeway

Black Paper Dolls at Smithsonian’s Anacostia Community Museum writes Fly.

Chevy Chase seeks historic district status, similar to Cleveland Park and Woodley Park, reports Ward3DC.

My Life on Capitol Hill, an intern and “Arizona Conservative,” writes about DC.