DC Blogs Noted

My friends call me a gay man magnet, so begins a post by an OC girl living in an extraordinary world about a relationship that was never meant to be.

The Blue BMW and the Blonde, overheard at Big Sky Girl.

Nice work if you can get it, is Countersignature’s take on the plan by DC lawmakers to give themselves $22,000 raise for part-time work.

Preparing for gastric bypass surgery, writes Radical Flower.  … I want what these people have to offer. I want fast…drastic. You lose roughly 75% of your body weight* in the first 8 months following surgery. That’s the prize my eye is on.

The mass observation movement is embraced by American University students. Yesterday (scroll down) we cited an AU blog devoted to observing people interacting with gizmos. Here’s another blog attempting to observe the world dispassionately: Mass Observation on Race Performativity.  In this post, Riding the Red Line, the writer takes note of where people sit.  An excerpt:

Sitting in the back of the train I noticed specific actions that people took when looking for a seat or the way they acted, specifically geared towards race. While looking for a seat the older women of most races entered the train and found a seat that was empty of any race/gender while the men usually sought out women of the same race.

New paintings by renowned artist, Deborah Shedrick. Her new paintings are featured in a unique exhibition, entitled Introspections, at B. Smiths Restaurant at Union Station in Washington, DC, writes Black Artists of DC.

A tourist from Austin tries Ethiopian food in DC. “It’s like the new sushi,” writes Ramblings of a Hopeless Khowaga. Nod to Erika for recommendation.