DC Blogs Noted

Do you go to the movies by yourself and wish it wasn’t so? Then wear a white hat this Saturday and be recognized by other theater attending singles.  This strategy stems from an email published on the Post Secret blog (scroll down it) or go first to this DCist post, If You’re Single and You Know it Wear a White Hat.

KC at Where’s my Cape writes from experience in explaining how racism and prejudice and stereotypes can permeate into the strongest and happiest of childhoods.  Racism exists because of adult behavior, and that something that can be changed. An excerpt:

Our children absorb so much of what they observe in us, how we relate to others, how we treat others who look different than us. Monsters aren’t born, they are made. We can improve the environment for minorities in this country, for the countless children of color who grow up carrying an inherited burden that weighs. And sinks.

Men, here’s your chance to do good by volunteering to participate in the No Sex and the City Charity Auction.

We need all you single, male readers out there to volunteer to be put up on the auction block. Think of all of the benefits of selling yourself like a piece of meat: (1) giving to a good cause; (2) the opportunity to meet a potentially cool girl; and (3) an ego boost when bids go high.

Sandblower’s pregnant condition gets many comments and she doesn’t mind.  Excerpt: … from a hobo on M Street last Friday night: “Jingle belly, jingle belly, baby’s on the way!”

The Winesmith meets Tony Snow (action photo), the White House press secretary, and asks him about his taste in wines.

Metro Bus Driver Orders Man to Litter in Our Neighborhood, a blazingly accurate title about a hard-to-believe incident on a Metro bus.  This post should find its way to whomever claims to be in charge of Metro. From Commissioner-elect Kris Hammond (ANC 5c-02)

America’s Young Theologian draws attention to a man who is about to be evicted because of city rules for people in group homes. There’s a personal connection and he hopes readers send a note to elected officials to take action. 

Reya takes note of DC-now-Ga. blogger, and writes:  Once this blogger was known here “No taming this shrew,” but then she finished her Ph.D and moved to Georgia. Her new blog, The Devil Goes Down to Georgia is as inspired as her pre-doc DC based blog. And this post is just hilarious.

It’s atrocious, sums up the Temple of the Code Monkey’s assessment of the White House Christmas Tree

Year-End Blog Bash Tonight. Yeah, So I’m has the details.