DC Blogs Noted:

I Like My Shih Tzu Crocheted Two-Timing the Cosmos (With Your Mom) A car is rented for furniture shopping and an adventure, of sorts, begins. An entertaining post.

So, in seeming retribution for my always-being-rightness, T decided we needed to find Every Single Furniture Store Within Fifty Miles of DC, because we had to justify the SUV somehow, and only rampant consumerism would do.

Exposed DC Urban Family I don’t believe that this blog is being perpetuated by The Boy, as this post contends. I know that this is a group blog through the fact-checking power of logical deduction. This blog is too funny and sharp. No one person can be that funny and sharp. Therefore, this has to be a group blog. Nonetheless:

It should also be noted that he doesn’t live in a fabulous house on U Street with a bunch of girls. Rather, he lives ALONE in Reston, VA. OK, not alone so much as with 9 cats. The kids in the neighborhood actually refer to him as the creepy cat man.

Bloody Knuckles Metro Encounters The goal of this new blog is to capture “the odd yet memorable moments spent in DC.” In this post, the writer is waiting for a bus and is joined by a man.

In his mid to late thirties, the man in black approached me. He stood a foot away. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed long, thin, greasy black hair spilling out from a zebra patterned cowboy hat. A thin red rope came down from the black and white hat and snaked around his chin. His skin was unusually pale, his eyes as dark as his dyed hair. He caught me studying him and took the opportunity to introduce himself.

Reader Note: Getting rid of blog spam Direct Current, Rock Creek Rambler and others. Blog spam is on the rise and with it the use of word verification. Direct Current offers some important pointers for Blogger users. RCR has a different take on Blogger.
Direct Current: Has put up some screen shots that clearly show how to turn on word verification in Blogger. But he’s turning it off because of some bugs. Rock Creek Rambler launches into an attack on Blogger. He raises a number of points, including one that Blogger users should be aware of: Right now I’m talking to the people who only allow commenting by Blogger members on their blogs. I’m not sure why you do this – I thought maybe it was to prevent spam comments, but those are coming from people with Blogger accounts anyway. And besides, spam commenting can all be avoided with word verification. (Also note comment section post by Washington Cube on this topic. A nod to Cube who provided heads up on this.) Also noted: A Moment of Girliness compliments of the perfect COACH Signature Swing Pack, with photo on Baby Bananas Velvet in Dupont survives bad dates and loser boyfriends with the help of Sammy. Photo. Taking an ECB day from workThrowing Hammers.