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Some of the injured in the recent building collapse in Virginia arrived at the hospital that njc, an emergency medicine resident, works at. It was a sobering moment for many reasons.  The Cords of Billroth.

As I was peeling off one guy’s layers–three pairs of socks, pajama pants then jeans then a jumpsuit, sweatshirt piled on top of sweatshirt and still his skin was just like ice–it made me think of how easily this could have been someone I knew and loved.

‘Tis the season to tip just about everyone. But just what is the obligation to tip if you haven’t been satisfied with the service? And what are the repercussions if you don’t tip? A holiday cheer note from a newspaper delivery person prompts a discussion at Dealing in Subterfuges.

Mel Gibson’s movie is number one at the box office, so  what does this say about us? Asks Aileen at Infinite Connections. She writes: At best, he’s a drunken idiot with poor judgment…at worst, he’s a hateful racist. Meanwhile, she sees Shut up and Sing, the documentary about the Dixie Chicks over their antiwar stance: So it’s OK to spew anti-Semitic garbage, but it’s not OK to bash the President?

The Redskins game was hot, noisy and then there was the person sitting in front of Bee Log wearing a big furball of a hat. Photo.

DC is downright tropical compared to Chicago.  Marci at Baby bananas for everyone recently visited that city and drew this contrast on her return: When I got in my car for the first time in two weeks this past weekend, I mistook the dust and grime covering my vehicle for solidified wintry precipitation–that is until I tried to remove it.  Mystery Girl at Heart Tribute Band Super Fan Page has a long history with Chicago and for her, in the Windy City, there is a different sense of it.

Those were moments in which I felt deeply alone. I felt very small in the universe, and yet at the same time like I was a part of something more beautiful and interesting than myself. There was a kind of solace in being this small person in the middle of a city that is both beautiful and harsh.

Andy Goes to Iraq is staying at the Ritz at Pentagon City getting ready travel with a USO tour along with his boss Al Franken. 

My name is Barr. My boss’s name is Franken. He’s a comedian, as you probably know, and a liberal, as you probably know, but for him, and therefore for me, the tour is about the comedian thing and not about the politics thing.