DC Blogs Noted

DC is at the center of a major case over its restrictions on gun ownership, writes City Desk.  He writes: the DC government is threatening an extremely important defense against tyranny of the sort that is becoming more visible in the United States. One reason America has not moved further towards dictatorship is because of mass individual gun ownership. [Here’s an analysis of what’s involved with this case by (CBS) Attorney Andrew Cohen]

And while we’re on the subject of guns, Belle at Dating is Dead goes out with the “NRA guy.” And writes:

I knew he has a veritable arsenal in his apartment, which includes such star performers as an AK-47 and an M16. Yet, despite this knowledge, I still gave him directions to my townhouse. Ill-advised?

The Florida Avenue Markets is on the Project for Public Spaces, which describes it as a warehouse-style central wholesale market catering mostly to restaurants and the like, but with small treasures for the urban explorer. And according to Ryan at The Bellows, it’s one of the coolest places you’ll find in the District. 

The setting, for one thing, is amazing. Tucked in between New York and Florida Avenues, with downtown encroaching across the tracks and Union Station and the Capitol visible to the south, the area has an urban feel to it that you don’t find many places in the city. [Photos here]

A Dash of Spice is taking the New Year in a new direction with the help of Match.com, and writes: I have offically joined the ranks of super “un cool” people. I am embarrassed to say.

Madam Mayo has completed a six week Improv Comedy Class and shares thoughts about it.  She writes: The improv process, I found, is something like a writing workshop + old-fashioned charades + ping pong + choir practice. Meanwhile, Lisa at Women Having it All writes that she finally got the courage to perform at a standup comedy open mic in DC. The amazing thing was I did NOT bomb.