DC Blogs Noted

Freewheeling Spirit says some of his government worker friends are worried about Recommendation 74 of the Iraq Study Group Report. That’s the one that says:

“In the short term, if not enough civilians volunteer to fill key positions in Iraq, civilian agencies must fill those positions with directed assignments.” My friends say they would quit rather than accept an involuntary assignment to Iraq.

VP of Dior decides not to date someone she met at the gym.  She has her reasons. And she lists them. DC Pussycat Doll.

Pedestrian with swinging object sends message to thoughtless driver blocking a crosswalk. In Shaw.

Ipod Shuffle: Random Playlist for the Week by Father Jim Tucker at Dappled Things.

End-of-year: Information Leafblower assembles interviews he conducted over the year for DCist.

Sunny, dry and unseasonably warm through the weekend, predicts Capital Weather.