DC Blogs Noted

Dating blog reader: How to Set His Thighs on Fire and Dating Up: Dump the Schlump and Find a Quality Man. Grateful Dating’s take on some unsolicited books that arrived in the mail.  

Metro’s plan to make working people pay more on the train is just retarded, writes the DC Universe.

People don’t ride Metro during the peak hours because they enjoy waking up early or being pressed up against a total stranger, or because there’s just something magical about the eight o’clock hour. 

Negative balance on Smart Card prompts strange action by Metro Police. A report at OconDC.

Velvet in Dupont is involved in a traffic accident and files a blog report with minute-by-minute details on how the police department handled it. (Added bonus cameo by Ninja.) We pick up the report:

… in D.C., our police department is a bunch of lazy, useless, inept, couldn’t-find-a-criminal if they were sitting next to them, system abusing, power hungry, donut eating, newspaper reading, coffee drinking, double parking, traffic blocking, gossiping, overnight shift sleeping, disability for “work related” stress filing, money drain on our taxes.

The (revised) Stages of The Apocalypse at K Street Blues.

DC for Less says Graham Webb Academy will cut hair for $10 or less. 

Photo: Scene from the expected dcblogs press conference outside of GWU Hospital. kob failed to show.