DC Blogs Noted

To my fellow bloggers, writes Avert Your Eyes, Congratulations on being named Time Magazine’s People of the Year. But Alejandra Sent from My Dell Desktop has a different take on it, starting with its cover art. I’d like to kick the genius who came up with that snazzy idea, she writes.

The writer at A DC Birding Blog participated in the Christmas Bird Count on Saturday and spotted 41 species, including numerous hawks and owl.

Have You Been to Sidamo? Photos and write-up of new H Street coffee and tea shop at Frozen Tropics.

The latest in tags: Six reasons why I should be put in a straight jacket. They’re listed at this beautiful distraction.

Golden Silence, an alert observer and flowing writer, describes some of the latest events in her life, including the theft of some money from her purse and rude treatment at a restaurant.

Last Stop Suburbia takes readers on a journey through six months of blogging, with links to many entertaining subjects, including myspace creeps, and advice, such as: You should never cut your hair while on cold medicine. Will only cause pain and suffering.

If you wonder how long the flight to Bangkok is, Life and Musings will give you some ideas in her post, Bangkok, Day One