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There’s magic in the air:  I have found the secret formula to being irresistible to women, writes Throwing Hammers.



DC’s no parking street cleaning rules are designed to raise revenue via parking tickets, not clean streets. The street sweepers rarely show and that’s because street cleaning, like everything else, is partly political. City residents can petition the city to have a street cleaned. If 65% of the residents on a block request street cleaning, the process to make their parking neighbors miserable has begun. It’s just one of the irritating things about the city, unless you move into a neighborhood that doesn’t restrict parking.  As Portable Snack writes:

I’ve never seen anyone in DC livery cleaning the streets in our neighborhood. But, like most ancient traditions, certain rituals are carried on, even after they have lost any connection with reality; in this case, DC still writes tickets for parking on the wrong side of the street on “street cleaning day,” and they still announce when they suspend and resume street cleaning.

City Girl in Alaska, a DC resident now living in Anchorage, writes that whenever she comes home to DC she realizes how Alaska has changed her. She writes: Some are subtle, like I now hate salmon. Some are more obvious, like my new casual Alaskan look.

Harmany Music’s five favorite records of 2006.

Masked Thieves Raid Kickball Bar, says commenter after reading Masked Thieves Raid Hipster Bar at City Paper City Desk Blog.

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