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A medical student and blogger, Veritography, ponders the excesses of some of his sheltered classmates. This powerful critique has jaw dropping examples of outrageous behavior, such as: 

I think of those times whenever I see my classmates doing keg-stands and leaning on each other’s shoulders to walk down the street because they are too drunk to walk by themselves. Many of these people will be doing mammograms on patients terrified of breast cancer, but when the patient isn’t around, they still giggle at the word “nipples” like they were 12 years old. A classmate of mine once tried to sneak his girlfriend into the cadaver lab so they could have sex among the mutilated dead bodies.

Circumlocutor should get a Pulitzer. Take a pick at the category: delicious writing, biting humor, gut infused snark. His writing about the City Paper is now the subject of an unholy investigation by the weekly and the Columbia Journalism Review Daily to determine his real identity. To the reporters at CP and CRJ, we offer the annual Subpoena the Press Award. Supporting documentation at Wonkette and The DCeiver and Read Express.  Writes Circumlocutor:

I suppose I should be flattered that reporters from the Washington City Paper and Columbia Journalism Review Daily have been investigating this blog. But, really, I’m just confused.

Write blog. Fix heart. Click Nicolasix.

The Blog. Priceless. The Direct TV porn bill: $104.79. The mystery at ejtakes life. 

Review: Oohhs and Aahhs Restaurant at U and 10th NW at DCFud.  Sounds good.