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‘Tis the season to help and the best way to help is by giving.  See Life of Red to learn how you can help some children.

For $12.50 you can take a seminar on how to ask a woman out. Sugar N  Spice rounds up the cost and sharpens the point: You mean to tell me these idiots need to spend $13 bucks to figure out how to say, “Hi, how are you? My name is [fill in the blank].” Is this the reason why so many women are spending the holidays alone … [For related reading, please see: Big Stupid Guy: Let’s Talk About Sex … Again  ]

Prince of Petworth’s traffic accident gets a citywide police response. He writes:

As for the cops, God bless them. They were out in full force. I’m telling you. There were no less than 4 cars, 1 horse – I’m not kidding here, a horse, a real horse – I guess in case a riot broke out when the folks realized that the Prince of Petworth was involved in a stupid car accident, 1 fire truck and 1 ambulance for essentially a fender bender …

The curse of 6th and F Streets NW and other issues near the Verizon Center and downtown.  Layering, location and business failure as an indicator. This post by Richard Layman at Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space has a number of interesting observations about the state of business development.

Postscript: Back in January, El Guapo wrote a great post about how CVS was locking up condoms. MetroWeekly has a recent story about a CVS decision to modify that policy. This is via HIV in DC blog.

Mark you calendar. DC Blogger Meetup Jan. 17. Until this fall, Rob Goodspeed, and his loyal assistant, kob, had been holding these on a regular basis. But then fate, mostly really bad life/work/school schedules, made the last few months very difficult.  But we’re back — and will resume next month. Everybody is invited. 

Dear Readers: The photo, which I took a few years ago, shows fire hydrants on the side of a building at I and 20th NW, or thereabouts.  Best holiday to all including the DC bloggers in all the far flung places from the playazlands of Georgia to the land Down Under. – kob. 

Return after Christmas. Please see the live feed for the latest.