DC Blogs Noted

After moving from Columbia Heights to Northeast, njc writes that it has been harder to feel so at home here. It feels more foreign, more cold. But then she witnesses something that changes her mind. A beautifully written post by The Cords of Billroth.

A night out becomes a weird adventure for I-66 at Yeah, So I’m. It includes a hunt for a stinkbomb.

Pop Pop Bang sees a “large hooded man” arguing with a young woman holding a baby. The argument turns violent and this blogger calls the police.  This is at 15th and Harvard. The post: Domestic Violence Morning.

Were you stuck in traffic on 14th Street just before the holiday? The blogger at Working Title can explain.  … I’m totally sorry.  Trust me I know that holding up a commute home before a holiday weekend makes me a really bad person …

Hospital admissions decline over the holiday as people do their best to ignore symptoms, writes Wyatt at Foggy Bottom Lantern, who also tells what it’s like to work on Christmas.

DC is deserted over the holiday and Reya at Grace’s Poppies relishes the silence. 

It’s so quiet, I can hear things ordinarily masked by the cacophony of traffic, sirens, honking, people chatting on cel phones, and so on. This morning, out with the dog, I could hear small, contrite birdcalls, the sound of sneakers on the street, Jake’s gently clicking toenails on the brick sidewalks, someone sneezing a block away. I could hear myself breathe.

Among the things Alan Kimber, the  commissioner for ANC 6c05, promises to do this year is seek District council action to stop the ongoing amplified speech problem on 8th and H Streets. He writes in his blog:

One of the most under-used powers of the ANCs is to directly propose legislation to the Council–meaning we can work to address local issues like this without waiting for the Council. They still have to pass the legislation, but at least it forces them to get it into Committee and then hopefully to the full Council. (Kimber’s blog via Frozen Tropics. Kimber, by the way, is one of the few elected officials in this city to blog.)

More on the megaphone using street preachers: David Klavitter who runs a blog documenting this issue, Quest for Quiet, is reporting that Mayor-elect Adrian Fenty intends sign a bill to fix the loophole in the city’s noise statute, which allows unlimited levels of amplified speech in city residential areas. And, he emphasized, “not only would I sign it, but I would ensure the law was enforced.”

James Brown notes: Joe Logon recalls seeing James Brown at the 9:30 Club. The Underachiever’s Progress has created a pop quiz to test your knowledge of James Brown.

Transitions: Kathryn On and Circle V are both great bloggers because they’re authentic voices, as well as sharp and engaging writers never afraid take a strong position or reveal something of the heart. And that’s only a few of the reasons why their blogs will be missed.  These two longtime bloggers said last week that they were ending their blogs.  While we’re reeling over these decisions by two anchors of the DC blogosphere …. all we can say is many, many thanks. The betting, of course, has begun about how long they will truly stay away …