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The Heart Attack, Surgery, Recovery My View From the Jeep Our writer experiences chest pains and jokes how it might be a heart attack. He nonetheless continues with his travel plans. But the symptoms don’t abate and he soon finds himself in a hospital facing surgery. Throughout the ordeal, this writer keeps his blog updated with his experiences. The postings, in my view, are indicative of someone with a lot of courage, presence of mind and ability to handle a major challenge with great grace. Wish him well. The link takes you to the latest post on this blog; just scroll down to the Friday Aug. 19 post where this story begins.

I went to George Washington University Hospital in DC, complaining of chest tightness, a sore arm and lack of breath (hello, could I be any MORE clueless?) After a few tests, they told me that I had a heart attack and that I may need surgery. Tough words to hear when you are laying on a gurney in a hospital all alone…

A dancer’s performance Rhinestone Cowgirl A belly dancer’s story – snappy writing from Lucy.

I rush home and begin tossing my clothes off. It’s 5:30 already, and I have to be at Marrakesh by 6:30. Quickly, I scarf some food down – usually cereal, but sometimes a grilled cheese sandwich for energy. I make coffee and as it’s dripping, I run into the bathroom to touch up my makeup. I create bigger kohl lines around my eyes, I apply false eyelashes, I put on lipstick, I dust bronzer in my cleavage to make my boobs look bigger…

Walter Reed closing — some blogging comments Goodbye, Walter Reed, Why do I care about this, you might ask? Well, I was born in Walter Reed hospital. It’s true. So shed a little tear as you drive by on Georgia Avenue (or 16th Street, if that’s your thing) — I know I will.The American Errorist. Grace’s Poppies, writes: Even though I only spent a couple of days there working there, I’m having a big reaction to this news. I read in the Post today about how one group wants the site to become housing, the mayor wants a jazzy commercial area, the military prefers to keep the land for itself and Congress says they’ll decide what’s to become of it. DC Perspectivethe ideal use for this site is an extension of a very successful university system in the DC region called the Consortium of Universities of the Metropolitan Area with it’s own flagship university to be called the Walter Reed University. Archival photos and background on Greatscat. Also Noted: I Hate Kit Kats discovers she is an ID theft victim when thousands of dollars of camera equipment is delivered to her house. Photos. A message to bicyclists who believe traffic rules don’t apply. In other words, when you have a red light and I have a walk signal, you don’t get to fly through the intersection and nearly take my ass out just because you “drive” a Schwinn instead of a Saab.Till human voices wake us, and we drown.