DC Blogs Noted

In a visit to a dog park, Molly, a newly adopted dog, is hesitant about leaving the side of her dog parents.  Molly’s wary look is captured in a photo. Crazy Girl City.

Jimbo has had it with trash dumping in his neighborhood.

Caught up in Sam’s tornado of cheaptitude is La Bella Noire’s Ramblings. And writes: My intended purpose for going in there was to buy the industrial sized package of paper towels and napkins and leave. That was not my final purpose though. I left the store with a new 42″ TV, DVD Player, two bottles of Pinot Noir, and HUGE package of paper towels and napkins that I think is taller than me.
The Upstate Life picks his 10 albums of 2006.

Question from Baby Bananas for readers… : Do you think that if I ate a 2lb. box of chocolates by myself I would only gain two pounds?

DCSportsChick’s new blog look.