DC Blogs Noted

Smokeless journals: Hey Pretty experiences fresh air at Fox and Hounds and reminisces:  Unpleasant as it was, eye watering even, the Fox always had it’s own particular variety of this olfactory phenomenon — think Proust’s madelines for the under-30-Dupont-hipster set.  Rock Creek Rambler: It wasn’t just a cigarette – it was an act of love. 

Where I became the buttinsky neighbor. Mari at In Shaw explains to a neighbor how trash removal works.

A decision by an ANC chair to prohibit videotaping or recording at a meeting results in a shouting match, Fifth and Oh reports.

The post label is: Things that irritate me. The story is about someone who wiggles out of paying their share of dinner. Charlie Mack’s Granddaughter

You can’t share Metro fare cards. A tip from DC Metro Rider.

Bill Crandall, editor of Petworth News, outlines changes in the neighborhood, and writes:

Despite the gains, or maybe because of them, I sense a creeping complacency among too many residents (both new and long-timers). My new year’s wish is that every single resident will find some way to contribute to our wonderful and changing area. There are plenty of people leading by example. But they can’t do it alone. It literally will take all of us, together.

It would not be surprising if 200 or more people are required to report for jury duty daily in DC. Many more probably don’t or just can’t show. So this warning about a jury duty scam at A ‘Feel Good’ Production is worth the look.