DC Blogs Noted

Mayor Fenty’s Inaugural Ball was unprofessional and poorly planned, reports The Dumping Ground

We left after a couple hours, with the new mayor having yet to appear. The floor was concrete, and there was virtually nowhere to sit, and our legs were screaming for mercy.

A pleasant conversation at a bar with a Marine ends with a dark forecast. Candy Sandwich.

Big Sky Girl’s apartment was perfect until she discovered that her landlord wasn’t paying the mortgage.

The New Puritanism: The Politics of Alcohol in DC. Rob at The Goodspeed Update maps the location of liquor license types in the city.

The Year’s First Subway Fiasco: The irritating guy vs. the ponytailed woman. Tadcranky reports.

Gourmet? Think again, suckerDC Chai, who is back to blogging at a new url, has a different take of Restaurant Week. An excerpt:

Then the server realizes you’re there for the prix-fixe menu, and after she attempts to sell you on add-ons, such as more than a glass of pinot for $10, with no such luck, she’s neglectful.

Photo-tour of his exhibition, Worshippers of the Invented Sun,  by Paint and Plaster.

This is just WRONG. A brief comment by someone who feels very uneasy about this weekend’s warmth. We’ll Know When We Get There.

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