DC Blogs Noted

Jeff at And I Am Not Lying, For Real, runs into Hugh Jackman, the actor of x-Men fame, at the Whitney trying to calm a toddler, and writes:

I have no idea why that makes me like the guy, but it did. One of the world’s biggest movie stars was frazzled by his squirrelly toddler and dealing with it with good cheer. [Nod to Sweet]

Boztopia uses his Bruce Willis mojo to get a better deal from his ISP. Total Information Awareness.

A New Year Full of New Restaurants. Metrocurean lists all the restaurants that have just opened or are due to open, in what will be a big year for restaurant openings.

There’s a legislative effort in Virginia to make it easier for wineries to distribute their products, and Cellarblog has a Q&A with one of the state’s lawmakers seeking changes, Delegate Chris Saxman.