DC Blogs Noted

Romancing the libraries. There has been much discussion on a number of blogs about the integrity of library collections as they become more bookstore-like. But the writer at The Diplodocus argues that a library’s greatest contribution isn’t so much its collection but the habit it instills. An excerpt:

The library didn’t instill any erudition; I never checked out anything that would embiggen me. What the library did do is jumpstart the habit of reading for enjoyment, make reading less of a task and more of a pleasure.

A couch for sale that’s priced on a sliding scale. A Craig’s List find by 007 In Africa. [Nod to Janet at DC Rush Hour] And if you’re still in the shopping mood after reading that post, check out K Street Blues, who is selling furniture as he prepares to move to Sydney.

Rant of the week. Memo to the driver who kept honking his horn: Please don’t breed and pass down your idiot genes. My first year of law school, and hopefully beyond. [Nod to E for this as well as the next one]

Dear Benrock.  A letter to a rock that was painted in 1984 by a five-year-old. By Ken and Belly.

Review of L’Appetito on MacArthur Blvd NW by A steak sandwich…and a steak sandwich.

8 Wild Facts about the color Red by a blogger with a personal interest in this topic, Life of Red.