DC Blogs Noted

A childhood memory of a painful time is the topic of this post, Why Don’t You Take Me to the Park Anymore?  This writer looks back at his mother’s illness and a life unanchored and then reassembled. It is as beautiful and touching post that you will likely read. I wish I was like you, easily amused

The bidding has begun.  This is a charity auction for a good cause by the women of  No Sex & the City. The bidding is for a group of eligible bachelors. The money will go to help end violence against women.  The men are listed with photos.

This writer’s fruitless effort to catch a bus is witnessed by a passing driver in a blue truck. The driver rolls down the window and yells: “We gonna catch that bus! Get in!” From Shiftless Badger.

DC Coalition for Blog Freedom is holding a rally today, Thursday, to free Kareem Amer, an Egyptian blogger.  He has been jailed.

Cocktail of the Week. Give your coin to Caesar and your mind to Washington Cube. I started thinking about the staffs Roman soldiers carried in war, and garnishes …