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What’s involved with hiring a baby sitter, according to the Cootie Chronicle, in a post, Free at Last.  Excerpt:

Apparently many new parents are scared to go anywhere without baby and especially do not want to leave them at home with a stranger. I am not one of those people.

City residents as bad neighbors: The Purple Ladies would like their recycling bins returned. In exchange, writes District Belle, we will gladly provide you the phone number for the city we called last time you pulled your shenanigans and you too can get a brand new shiny blue bin.  Unrelated related, The Prince of Petworth, writes, in a post, Petworth or New Jersey:

… On top of that I see a guy walking down the street fling a huge bag of trash in the empty lot on New Hampshire and Quincy. Now I’m really shaking my head. To top things off as I get to the escalator of the metro there is a guy spitting on the escalator. Twice …

Marriage: Not What It’s Cracked Up To Be? Reacting to the New York Times report that 51% of Women Are Now Living without a Spouse, Sugar N Spice, excerpt: 

The problem is this ladies!!! We have totally devalued the power of the…..”pulsing yonder” for lack of the desire to use the “other word.” Men don’t respect it any more.

The DC Concierge answers questions, such as a good place for a business breakfast

Thrift Store Couture for the broke and fashionable.

All that is wrong with Georgetown, including its bar tabs and bad manners. Very good post by why.i.hate.dc

I’ve Been 42 My Whole Life … I’m Just Waiting to Get There writes the The Friday Flare Up. Long list of comments.

Kevin Chapple, the ANC2C02 Commissioner, blogs about his area of responsibility. A map of ANC 2C02 is here.

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