DC Blogs Noted

This post, What I Know Now by JoJo at Life and Musings,  is recommended by Kathryn, who wrote: This was just spectacular – different, touching, honest, well-written and so relatable. Best of blogging, in my opinion. The post is in the form of a letter and begins:

You’re heartbroken because the man you loved, built a home with and pinned your hopes and dreams to, has told you that he doesn’t have enough passion for you to marry you. You’re devastated and wondering what is wrong with you that he doesn’t love you enough to marry you.

Right in my backyard. Some thoughts about an assault in one of the safest neighborhoods in the D.C. area, Bethesda, writes Kings of the Road.

My first O.D. experience. remaking le slum historique reports about his first visit to the recently opened Old Dominion Brewhouse. Excerpt: I enjoyed the food: I had a wasabi turkey BLT wrap and waffle fries; if I ever crave a burger or good bar food nearby, I’ll walk to O.D. for a bite.

Snow, the Bus and Circling Words, a nicely written sketch by El Guapo in DC of a man on a bus circling words in a newspaper.

Red Nose is 55 this week. She makes a list of others born on the same date, Jan. 18. 

A review: Bistro Français, Georgetown by Le Cuvee Americain: The American Blend, who writes: I did the night owl prix fixe meal, so I started with the liver mousse and a glass of their house burgundy.

Will Mayor Fenty start a blog? It’s possible, is the short answer. We posed the question to the mayor’s office, and Thomas Houston, the mayor’s deputy director of communications strategy, wrote back: In response to your question about the Mayor starting a blog we are currently looking into that as being a viable option as a way to communicate.  I would recommend that you look on our website, dc.gov, in the mayor’s corner periodically as this is where we would place the link.