DC Blogs Noted

Geoff’s home, as well as the homes of many of his neighbors in Fairfax County, was flooded last summer. The damage and disruption was extensive because a waterway was allowed to fill with sediment. Now, Geoff writes that he’s dealing with the possibility of the threat of another flood as well as an eminent domain action by the government. Excerpt from geoffonlife:

… Folks will get about $300k for their homes in exchange for a no-sue sign-off. We’re talking 160-300 homes. The price is below market value, does not take into account pre-flood valuations, and does not compensate flood victims for the $50-$150k they spent restoring their homes, not to mention work losses and emotional distress.

DC Lifecoach takes issue with the ubiquitous, practically an institution, Au Bon Pain and its salad dressings, and writes: … Surely, this was a mistake. I checked the “lite” honey mustard. Fat chance. That sucker had 210 calories and 13 grams of fat.

Leggings for Men? RealityBites.

What is this? DC’s new building permit daily feed has decided to take a breather, reports Near Southeast. Excerpt: … e-mails and questions to CapStat about the state of this feed and other issues go perpetually unanswered.

Newspaper reading toddler wants to see Charlotte’s Web. Alice’s Adventures Underground. (nod to Janet at On Rush Hour in D.C. for this post and the next one)

What’s the best pet to have? Articulatory Loop.