DC Blogs Noted

A driver blows his horn in frustration because some pedestrians aren’t walking fast enough, writes The Dredwerkz. A WMATA employee looked over at the horn-blowing car and remarks: “Hey, where do you think you are? ….

Throughout these playoffs, Tom Brady has been less than great, writes DC Viking in a post: The Tom Brady Myth.

The best compliment ever. A student’s artwork at Quiet in the Stacks.

In 1999 Lennox Campello of Mid Atlantic Art News, sent a letter to the Washington Post suggesting a number of things the publication could do to improve arts coverage.  He pulls out that old letter and writes: Sadly, since then coverage has only become worse. The “Galleries” column is now published about 20 times a year instead of weekly, and “Arts Beat” is also no longer weekly, but apparently ad hoc.

The VP spoke here. From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, about the E. Barrett Prettyman courthouse, the Libby trial and a speech that the vice president made at the courthouse just a few years ago.

Flickr photos tagged “Heather” becomes a touching tribute to a friend who died in a car accident. Harmany Music.