DC Blogs Noted

Double Shot of Old Grandad, On the Rocks. On the Rocks. A tribute to a grandfather, garage owner and onetime part owner of Tippy’s Tacos, but most importantly someone who has given Carrie of A Total Waste of Makeup many wonderful memories, some of which she shares in this touching tribute. (Two writers recommended this post, Meghan and Janet) An excerpt: 

Tonight, I found a bill from El Salvador that had a note on the back: To the best boss in the world, with love from my heart and my family’s, and his employee signed it. He would leave 30-40% tips to any server who waited on us at dinner. He did that before he won the lotto as well.

A $5,000 wedding budget … is it realistic? Leslie, who writes the blog decidedly uncomplicated, the diary of an uncomplicated wedding & event planner, looks at the costs of a wedding. 

Grateful Dating is online dating and writes: I’ve become one of “them.” One of those online “daters” who is not actually available for dating. But there is one important difference — I know I’m not available.

Adventures of Hoogrrl! Shares an article she wrote about the Logan Circle neighborhood.

Most of DC’s blogging community is probably oblivious to the battles that flare up between a small numbers of bloggers. In a well written and thoughtful post, DC Cookie outlines a way to address it with advice that will serve all bloggers well. Her post begins:

There is only one way I know how to fight. With kindness. Hence, why I sit on the sidelines and shockingly observe these monstrous, scathing, verbal battles that ultimately get labeled ‘blog wars’ and wonder how my creative acquaintances and friends are capable of existing in that state of up-in-arms that I will never comprehend.