DC Blogs Noted

Fireworks or Gunshots: self-delusion and lessons learned. A Shaw Thing writes about the reality of living in the District. An excerpt:

The more time I spend living in DC, the more I realize how great the chasms between abstract liberal class-consciousness and actual practical realities of living in DC are. Case in point: I was just setting out at around 8:30 pm last night when I heard a succession of gunshots, or “fireworks,” as a roommate likes to call them.

What were they thinking? A photo analysis of the Democratic presidential candidates at the state of union. Very clever work by Cootie Chronicles.

The warmer weather has meant more bikes on the road with all the same bad habits, writes Randomduck.

Measured rants: Why I Hate Flying Pt II: Airport Security, Good at Drinking, Bad at Life. 

Possibly over-the-top rant, the State of the Sidewalks Address, the DC sidewalk blog. Excerpt: … suburbanists from Maryland and Virginia have continued to menace pedestrians and to place a burden on infrastructure for which they do not pay taxes.

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