DC Blogs Noted

The writer,  Cosmos, of Failed Southern Lady is involved in an car accident Friday that flips her car on its roof. Cosmos is hanging upside down in her vehicle and is helped out by a gentleman, whom she is now anxious to locate. An excerpt:

I have never been truly hysterical before, but I completely lost it. I was screaming like nobody’s business. And I wanted out of that car. Because I was basically hanging upside down . . .

Blind Man Pushing a Wheelchair? Two strangers help each other on the Metro, reports Sour N Sweet.

What does it take to get news coverage of the shootings in Shaw? Writes one person commenting on a post about a recent murder: … we will not get any coverage on all of the violent crime in Shaw until a child, an old person, or a white person is shot … From Off Seventh, commenting about the recent report, Kelsey Gardens Murder.

Graphic design artist having fun. Sign on the Metro at Solar Kismet.