DC Blogs Noted

It’s not shopping, it’s misery, it’s the Mall of Death, writes DC, Baby. It begins:

In this mall (Shopping Centre for you Europeans) life is slowly and painfully sucked out of you by the lifeless atmosphere, the fake palm trees and the extremely slow Starbucks staff.

I’m a woman who loves cars, writes Fictional Rockstar, who files a report, with photos of this weekend’s auto show. 

The TV show “24” is a semi-frequent blog topic, but the writer at Draw Conclusions On The Wall, a fan of the show, wonders whether it is harmful to Muslim Americans.

Office Etiquette. Rant therapy by TC the Terrible. Excerpt: I am not your therapist.  If you really want me to listen to your problems you have to ply me with booze or promises of sex.

Bloggers are the new media. Just A Nats Fan attends a meet and greet at the new stadium construction site and says hello to her sports writing competition.  Excerpt: I met and shook hands with a few local sports writers (Todd Jacobson, Tim Lemke, Dan Steinberg, Bill Ladson) and a couple others (Svrluga) completely ignored me.

The voting is still in progress: is the sweater “gay or European?” The Home Improvement Ninja.