DC Blogs Noted

Can you explain it?  Shiftless Badger finds a note tucked in a shirt pocket that he can no longer explain.

Who needs to pay for a Superbowl ad? Starbucks Scores Coveted Libby Trial Product Placement Deal reports Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog.

For the love of dogs. Pamela’s Punch reports on the recent Sugar & Champagne Affair at the Hotel Palomar, where she was the guest of DC Modern Luxury’s publisher.  Excerpt:  So, here we have this gorgeous boutique hotel in Dupont Circle, not yet even a year old, with hundreds of Washington’s movers and shakers (moving quickly through the halls chasing after run away pups and shaking dogs off of one’s leg …

Income math. At $180,000 a year, what can you afford, using the “3 x your salary” computation, writes Northern Virginia House Buyer. One of post blog so far.

Burger, pizza, three bottles of wine and the total: $145. Washington DC Food and Wine.

Hold the next protest in Miami, or some other city, writes Rock Creek Rambler. Excerpt: . . . and invariably The Bar will end up packed to the brim with drunken Midwesterners who act like “stop the war” really means “toga party.” 

Read Express has redone its site with a much more magazine-like, fresher look.  One difference is the relocation of its blog shout-outs, now updated throughout the day, to the main page.