DC Blogs Noted

For some time Wyatt’s response to District’s street beggars was to share a dollar. But then, I let myself become hardened, he writes, a transformation that came with a different price. An except from his blog, Foggy Bottom Lantern

The unfortunate consequence of the hardened me was that, like most Washingtonians, I became difficult to approach in the street. Unless I could see that you were clearly either lost or a tourist, I was not going to stop for you.

Many bloggers treasure anonymity. But when it’s lost, the experience can be jarring, as an OC girl living in an extraordinary world writes.  Her post, titled on being forced out of the blogger closet, begins:

Last week, one of my blog posts was found by a coworker and a link to the post was sent around the office. It was actually quite the traumatic experience and I’m just now comfortable talking about it.

Elizabeth at Sandblower has been posting this week the story of her daughter’s birth. It’s detailed in three posts that begin Jan. 29. Scroll down to it.  A beautiful photo, titled Unimaginable, is here.

Kwest at a Portable Snack doesn’t live in a part of DC, he feels, that is easily defined by a neighborhood. So he decides to create a new NW neighborhood, introducing: Coladams Circle.

New ownership at Nanny O’Briens, the Cleveland Park bar, writes Connecticut Avenue.

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