DC Blogs Noted

From pest to pet. A mouse is captured at The Luck of 13th St. But this mouse, which seems to possess an extraordinary amount of intelligence, is making an impression.

Does getting older bring Sinatra or just more MTV? Are Seven considers the changes of age.

What I don’t accept is that growing older somehow means letting go of things that are considering “young” in favor of things that are “old.” Most of my changes of emotion and opinion are simply a matter of living more.

Deglazed has his first kitchen fire, an event which becomes close to an out-of-body experience.  His account starts: I am as guilty as anyone else in the kitchen of letting things go on cooking until they are burned.

The Kennedy Center is both beautiful and blah, writes The View from 16th Street.

The shabby red carpets, the long cathedral-like empty halls, those huge chandeliers, and the huge walls of windows that overlook the river but also happen to be positioned *just right* to blind all visitors with the view of the setting sun as they leave their matinee performances.

He Also Had Perfect SAT Scores. Overheard by More Than My Luggage.

Transitions and changes:

DC Cookie, a long time blogger who has produced many memorable posts, is taking, hopefully, just an extended break.

New blog, new diet. City Sparkle is moving to Word Press with new URL. She also reports the start of healthy diet, which involves spending $220 on food.